KO Lighting are committed to providing high quality LED technology at competitive prices. We sell the very best LED Lightbulbs and associated equipment to commercial and domestic customers.



What are LED Lightbulbs?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They use the same type of technology as silicone chips found in every electrical device from computers to cameras. There are no elements to burn out, no poisonous materials like mercury and they are ultra efficient.

Why do we need LED Lightbulbs?

Everyone is very aware of climate change and the predicted implications it will have for future generations. The question is are we all doing our bit to prevent it? By switching to LED technologies we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint as well as electricity bills.

Should I consider LED bulbs?

  • LED lights use significantly less energy to make and run than incandesent bulbs and are also more efficient than current fluorescent bulb technology. They also last over 10 times longer than incandesent bulbs (>25,000 hours instead of 1-2,000 hours).
  • LED light technology is one of the fastest growing manufacturing industries worldwide. This brings the cost and quality benefits of large scale mass production to the consumer market.
But they cost more..
  • LED bulbs do cost more money upfront but you recover this investment within the first year of switching. To replace a typical 50w spotlight with a 5w LED spotlight you are saving 90% in energy and electricity. Just try our calculator to find out more.
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